RM12-18The Richie Mann Invitational Golf Tournament was started 19 years ago by Richie Mann as a constituency fundraiser when he was Member of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly representing Richmond County.

When Richie resigned from politics in 1998 he decided to keep the tournament alive and to dedicate the funds raised to a charitable organization. The Atlantic Chapter of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation was chosen, out of respect for co-workers, relatives and friends who had suffered or were suffering from the disease. In particular, Richie dedicated the event to Emmie Luther Hiltz, a co-worker who is a breast cancer survivor and who has dedicated a large part of her life to making things easier for other breast cancer victims.

Over the past 18 years the Richie Mann Invitational, as it is called, has contributed over 1 Million Dollars to the Atlantic Chapter of the Foundation and nearly $50,000 to other cancer-related causes, including a cancer patient assistance program and the Cape Breton Cancer Centre. This has been possible because of the tremendous corporate and individual support for the event.

Now one of the largest golf tournaments of its kind in Canada, the event has been designed to encourage all participants to, first and foremost, have fun, enjoy the golf, food, entertainment and other activities and to leave with new friends and some prizes. The remarkable attendance (50+ teams per year) is testimony that the recipe for a successful tournament has worked.